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Quest Description:

There are more nuts and seeds here than I can fit in my pockets and if we build something out of wood the chipmunks will just get into it. But the eyes hunt the chipmunks and other small forest animals food and if we build a container out of wing bones and leather from the Blue Flying Eyes then they won't come near it. If you can get me some leather and bones from the flying eyes, I can show you how to build one!


  • Collect Blue Eye Leather - 0/8
  • Collect Blue Eye Bones - 0/4


  • Gold coin : 34
  • Exp: 401

Final Dialogue:

OK, and this goes here and... Done! This will keep the nuts safe, even if we leave them here in the woods for days.

Given by: Reed in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Assaulted Nuts

Next in Quest Chain: Ace of Spades

Quest Help:

Blue Eye Leather/Bones are obtained from Blue Flying Eyes in Heartwood Forest.

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