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Quest Description:

The Fallen Hands steal a lot more than just money. Here's a list of stolen items that have a lot of personal value to the owners. See if you can recover them all from the Bandits.


  • Small Portrait of a Family - 0/1
  • Family Crest Ring - 0/1
  • Old Book of Recipes - 0/1
  • Wooden Guardian Toy - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 13
  • Exp: 260

Final Dialogue:

That's everything on the list! I know that these people had given up on seeing these items every again. You just made some people very happy!

Given by: Robina in Barrow Point

Previous in Quest Chain: None.

Next in Quest Chain: Cruelty

Quest Help: Defeat  the Outcast Hand in Barrow Pass. These drops are fairy easy to get.

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