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Quest Description:

Most of the mutations have been subtle. I doubt many people would notice, but I suspect they have changed more than we can see. For example, I believe that the ultralow frequency that the flying eyeballs use to communicate has changed. Do me a favor and go slaughter 10 of them and record their death screams with this recording crystal then return the recordings to me.


  • Record Screams of 10 Flying Eyes - 0/10


  • Gold coin : 17
  • Exp: 161

Final Dialogue:

There! Do you hear that? The pitch is definitely higher now than the death screams of standard flying eyes! Fascinating This is exciting work!

Given by: Edon in Greenguard

Next in Quest Chain: For The Shell Of It

Quest Help:

Screams are obtained from Red Flying Eyes in Greenguard. Blue Flying Eyes in Heartwood Forest won't work for the quest.

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