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Quest Description:

Now that you have the keys the spirit-chests should be clearly visible to you. Go and get the scrolls but please be careful. They are ancient and contain many of our secrets. I am trusting you.


  • Ancient Gravedigger Scroll A - 0/1
  • Ancient Gravedigger Scroll B - 0/1
  • Ancient Gravedigger Scroll C - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 46
  • Exp: 452

Final Dialogue:

You have located all three scrolls.

Given by: Gravedigger Loth in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: The Missing Key

Next in Quest Chain: Rightful Owner

Quest Help:

The Spirit-chests are located in three specific spots in Doomwood Graveyard. The spots will consist of gravestones surrounding a ghostly chest with shiny sparcles animation around it, placed in between two Gargoyles. In order to recover the ancient Gravedigger scrolls and complete the quest, you need to locate these three specific spots, go near the chests and left-click on them.


Location of Ancient Gravedigger Scroll A


Location of Ancient Gravedigger Scroll C


Location of Ancient Gravedigger Scroll B

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