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Quest Description:

Now me need something to stick rocks altogether. Sometimes pebblars are filled with icky goo that we use to stick trolluk tents together. That will work. Go get Gamush some icky goo from pebblars.


  • Icky Goo - 0/3


Final Dialogue:

This stuff smell like rotting goat stuck in Gamush teeth that one time. Maybe nobody notice smell.

Given by: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: Even Better Than The Real Thing

Next in Quest Chain: Red Leather, Yellow Leather

Quest Help:

Pebblars are located all around Livingstone Caverns. To get the icky goo, defeat the pebblars. Boogerlings in The Slime Lord's Pit won't work for the quest.

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