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Quest Description:

The air moves through my forest like an unseen river carrying birds, bugs and even seeds through the trees. Winds can rip a forest to shreds but they can also be set off balance by the slightest disruption. The flying eyes who have come to the Heartwood care nothing for this delicate balance, flapping their great wings, causing disturbances everywhere they fly. They must be grounded.


  • Flying Eyeball killed! - 0/10


  • Gold coin : 127
  • Exp: 1199

Final Dialogue:

Ah, I can feel the breeze stirring again, playing in my leaves and branches, between my stones and lifting the soil. I missed this.

Given by: Voice of the Forest in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Waters Rise

Next in Quest Chain: The Hart's Heart

Quest Help:

Blue Flying Eyes in Heartwood Forest must be killed. Red Flying Eyes in Greenguard won't work for the quest.

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