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Quest Description:

Once, me lose special Warlord weapon, but me find it under me pillow before anyone notice it were gone. Maybe me leave it trolluk camps with other stuff and things. Go look in trolluk camp but try not to get smooshed. Trolluks no like little strangers going through us things.


  • Trolluk Camped Searched - 0/6


  • Gold coin : 69
  • Exp: 684

Final Dialogue:

Still no? DUNG! Me was so sure it would be there. Oh well, still many places left to look.

Given by: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: The Most Obvious Place

Next in Quest Chain: Even Better Than The Real Thing

Quest Help:


The Trolluk Camps are located west of Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns. In the camps you'll find boxes, with shining particles animation around them. To search the camps, go near these boxes and left-click on them.

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