I am so impressed and extremely happy to see this page develop. I'm going to make sure I give in my best, because helping others honestly is much of a pleasure to me.

I'm writing this to let you know. I check in here constantly. And I'm glad this has come so far.

Well, I'll be editing stuff too.

Legend & Sandrew, you've been working fabulously on this XD

I hope I make a difference to the betterment of Wikia.

That's all ^-^

Three cheers to the AQ3D-Wikia team! :D

Anya Everdeen (talk) 05:05, February 9, 2016 (UTC)

Hey Legend here and I haven't personally talked to many of you all and if you would like to discuss or talk anything about the Wikia, feel free to message me. :) 

I am officially able to give Admin to helpers and change their right, and if you ever feel like you deserve to be promoted contact me and I'll review and come up with a choice :) If I say yes go straight to the Founder and tell him, if he approves, then you're set! :D

Thank you EVERYONE for your help on making this Wiki amazing! We have over 12k visits and that is just insane.


We need to meet somewhere. Or get in a groupchat. Maybe the AQ#D Wikia groupchat or twitter.

I want Wikia to be more player-interactive. Like, fun for everyone, better than the wikidot, perhaps? ;) :3

The more the fun, the more the interaction.

For example, the polls, that was a nice idea. But we could rack our brains to think of more..

Can't we? :D anya everdeen 16:16, February 25, 2016 (UTC)

Those are all great suggestions. I've added a "featured user content" section to the front page to highlight things that players want to share with the community. Once the game is on steam, it will be easier to chat and see who's around via things like steam groups and the player content pages for the game.
In the meantime, why don't we just say that one day a week we'll have an official Wikia get-together -- maybe Friday? -- and folks can meet up at a predetermined location (perhaps /magicshoppe, since that's low-traffic)? It wouldn't be mandatory or anything, just a day for folks to meet up and chill. Since everyone's on different timezones, having a set day rather than a set time makes sense. sandrew 16:42, February 25, 2016 (UTC)
That's right. So be it. Set the day!
We all meet.
Put up a notice on the front page? That way everyone, the staff of AQ3D-Wikia will know. 
Also, I need to learn a bit of coding stuff. About how to put up polls and put different text colors.
As the other day, I'd thought of making the Clawg Minion page, But I wanted to put the 'Rare' in a very hightlight-ish manner. Errr.... So.. Could you? :P
anya everdeen 17:49, February 28, 2016 (UTC)♦
Well first of all I added a Wanted Page, for all the rares needed.
Second of all. The get together is a great idea. But when?
Sounds like we're meeting wednesday. I've restored all of the Alpha content; you can find it by using the red links or candidate for deletion category (not all of them were marked for deletion). There's a bunch of info about the wiki markup language on the community.wikia, and wikipedia has a bunch of wikimedia pages about it. It's easy to google. sandrew 18:26, February 28, 2016 (UTC)
I've created a bot account to quickly fix all the red links and messed up table entries in the alpha pages I restored. Once Wikia grants the account the bot flag (so that it doesn't spam the recent edits page), I'll make those changes. sandrew 16:02, February 29, 2016 (UTC)

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