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Quest Description:

Patience is a virtue that every knight must process. The bridge leading to Shatterskull Keep is swarming with Skeletons. Go find rare and perfect bones to make a complete perfect skeleton and you will prove your patience.


  • Perfect Skull - 0/1
  • Perfect Jaw - 0/1
  • Perfect Vertebrae - 0/1
  • Perfect Hip Bone - 0/1
  • Perfect Femur - 0/2
  • Perfect Humerus - 0/2
  • Perfect Hand - 0/2
  • Perfect Foot - 0/2


Final Dialogue:

Good job, Alpha Knight. You have passed the Test of Patience.

Given by: Melodia in Yulgar's Inn

Quest Help:

After you make it to the Bridge, It is suggested to use Mage (Class), and swarm all of the Skeletons and attack all at once, and bring a team and the quest will be finished in no time! If it takes a while and it's not dropping, don't give up, this WILL take time for some players.

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