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Quest Description:

Tovus the Bladedog will not be happy about you trying to stop the bandit's raids. He will be waiting for you. He's fast and smart so be on your guard. If you can take him down, the rest of the Outcast Hands will scatter.



  • Gold coin : 13
  • Exp: 260

Final Dialogue:

You did it! I expect some of the Outcast Hands will stay near Barrow Pass but without The Bladedog they are lost. The town guard can mop up the stragglers. Thank you.

Given by: Robina in Barrow Point

Previous in Quest Chain: Cruelty

Next in Quest Chain: None.

Quest Help:

Tovus the Bladedog is a fairy easy boss, when going into Barrow Pass kill all the enemies, and he will be waiting in the final stage. Bring friends with you and he will be very easy to defeat.

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