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Quest Description:

I used to gather seeds all over the Heartwood to plant more trees but the animals and even the plants started getting all weird and it's not safe for me anymore. There are wolves all over the place. Maybe if you could scare some of the wolves off, the seeds would be easier to get to.


  • Wolf killed - 0/6


  • Gold coin : 25
  • Exp: 250

Final Dialogue:

Wow. You're not scared of anything! I knew the Voice of the Forest would send someone to help sooner or later! Thanks! Now we can get some seeds!

Given by: Reed in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Reed (Quest)

Next in Quest Chain: Assaulted Nuts

Quest Help:

Only the wolves in Heartwood Forest will work for the quest objective. Shadow Wolves in Doomwood Forest won't work for the quest.

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