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Quest Description:

We still need to know more about the kind of magic that Sargoth is using here. Something must be binding the shadow wolves to this realm. Search their bodies before they fade back into normal shadow and find what powers them.


  • Spirit Orb Fragment - 0/5


  • Gold coin : 90
  • Exp: 894

Final Dialogue:

Spirit Orb Fragments? But... that doesn't make any sense. A pure spirit orb is the form that a pure soul takes after death. Sargoth must have ripped these souls apart somehow and used the spirit orb fragments to bind his magic to shadow. I have never seen magic like this before.

Given by: Artix in Doomwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Shadow Shapes

Next in Quest Chain: Strike a Light

Quest Help:

Spirit Orb Fragments are obtained from Shadow Wolves, found all over Doomwood Forest. Wolves in Heartwood Forest and Shadow Wolf Alpha in Doomwood Forest, won't work for the quest. In order to obtain the spirit orb fragments, defeat the Shadow Wolves.

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