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I would join you in your battle but my post is here. Now that I am only half-living, this is where I will remain until I find my own apprentice. Good luck, hero. When you face Sargoth, remember me. I have paid dearly to seal his monster away.



  • Gold coin : 181
  • Exp: 1807

Final Dialogue:

I could hear the GateWraith screaming its frustration from here and I can feel in my soul that the seals are holding. The gate to the netherrealm will not open now. Thank you, hero. If you defeat Sargoth, I will celebrate your victory.

Given by: Gravedigger Loth in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: The Sacrifice

Quest Help:

The GateWraith is located at the exit to Doomwood Tower, at the end of the road in Doomwood Graveyard. The GateWraith is a boss with a burning skull and armed with two large swords with engravings. To complete the quest, defeat GateWraith. Tips to defeat him would be to bring a team of about 2-3 people, as he may be pretty tough for a solo.