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Quest Description:

Once, I gifted a hart with a special ability. In this noble stag's hoofprints, flowers would grow. The hart was protected by my gift for many years but magic has begun to shift and one of the wolves of the forest was able to kill him and eat his heart, and all of the flowers died. The flowers must return to the Heartwood, but you must retrieve the Hart's Heart first. Slay these monsters wolves until you find the stag's glowing heart and return it to me.


  • Recover Heart from Wolves - 0/1


Final Dialogue:

Please bring the heart to me.

Given by: Voice of the Forest in Heartwood Forest

Previous in Quest Chain: Stir The Winds

Next in Quest Chain: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Quest Help:

The Heart is obtained from wolves in Heartwood Forest. Shadow Wolves in Doomwood Forest won't work for the quest.

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