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Quest Description:

I also think that the Frogzards are growing more intelligent! I have a series of tests lined up that will test their cognition and pattern recognition abilities, but that seems like it would be really hard so why don't you just bring me 10 fresh Frogzard brains and I'll look at those.


  • Collect 10 Frogzard Brains - 0/10


Final Dialogue:

Hmmm. I see no changes here. What a waste of perfectly good frogzards. You must feel awful that their deaths came to no real purpose. On we go!

Given by: Edon in Greenguard

Previous in Quest Chain: For The Shell Of It

Next in Quest Chain: Because We Can

Quest Help:

Frogzard Brains are obtained from Frogzards in Greenguard.

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