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Quest Description:

Me not sure where me see the Warlord Mace last. Me suspect other Trolluk maybe take mace to become new Warlord. Maybe you find it on them. Oh wait... if you ask Trolluk who stole it, them just lie about it. You better knock them out and then search them. It OK. Me give you permission.


  • Trolluks Searched! - 0/6


  • Gold coin : 68
  • Exp: 684

Final Dialogue:

No? Well, those trolluks probably do something wrong anyway. Me kind of expecting you to get squashed into toadstool jelly but you do alright! Little thing like you hide big surprise for Gamush!

Given by: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: Warlord Gamush (Quest)

Next in Quest Chain: Stuff And Things

Quest Help:

Trolluks are found east of Warlord Gamush and also north of this spot, in Livingstone Caverns. To search the Trolluks, simply defeat them.

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