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Quest Description:

THAT IT! Me remember now! Me leave Warlord Mace right there! Big rock guy must have it! They never like being controlled so that make sense. It time for you to test you strength, like all trolluk do. If you get back Warlord Mace then me make you official Livingstone Trolluk!


  • Warlord Mace - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 247
  • Exp: 2463

Final Dialogue:

You have found Warlord Gamush's missing magical mace!

Given By: Warlord Gamush in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Chain: Time To Rock

Unlit Torch

Quest Help:


Lit Torch

The "Big rock guy" is located east of Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns. The boss is not visible at first, because you need to light the three rock torches which form the triangular formation in order to summon the boss itself. To light the rock torches, simply go near them and left-click on them. All three torches must be lit in order to summon the boss. If you light a torch and don't light the rest of the torches, it'll burn out in 15 seconds.

Note: Warlord's Mace CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED ONCE! After you finish this quest, you can't obtain this weapon any longer.

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