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Quest Description: All that needs to be done now is delivering some of my blood to each of the seals to activate them. Unfortunately this will bind my soul to the netherrealm. The upside is that I will no longer age. The downside is that I will no longer be able to experience life, taste food, feel warmth, know love... ever again. It is the duty of a gravedigger. Please, deliver my blood to the three seals and activate them.


  • First Seal Activated - 0/1
  • Second Seal Activated - 0/1
  • Third Seal Activated - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 61
  • Exp: 603

Final Dialogue:

Yes. I know. It worked. I felt my life slide into the twilight world the second you activated them.

Given by: Gravedigger Loth in Doomwood Graveyard

Previous in Quest Chain: The Right Hands

Next in Quest Chain: The GateWraith

Quest Help:

The Three Seals are located in the three mausoleums around Doomwood Graveyard. The targeted mausoleums should have shiny particles rings inside them. To complete the quest, locate the three mausoleums and go near the shiny particle rings inside them.


The location of the First Seal


The location of the Third Seal


The location of the Second Seal

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