Long ago in DoomWood there was an evil lord who was feared and worshiped by many. After his long and terrible reign he was defeated by the Paladins, but his wicked followers sought to preserve his soul in a weapon. However, it was impossible to contain such a great and evil soul in a single weapon. Thus his followers split his soul into three parts, and embedded them into three magical weapons. Upon learning this, the Paladins seized the weapons and tried to destroy them. But their efforts were futile... damage inflicted upon the weapons made them start to move and talk. So the Paladins sealed them in three different crypts and protected them with magical barriers. The minions of Nightlocke wish to re-unite the weapons, but cannot pass these barriers. However, many foolish heroes have entered these crypts... and none have ever returned.

Weapons Of Nightlocke

Level: 13


They say these weapons continuously call out to treasure hunters to come find them. Is one calling out to you? If so... which one? Comment below. Just whatever you do... DO NOT RE-UNITE THEM.

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