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Quest Description:

The skeletons cracked my wheel and the cart won't move with a broken wheel. Gaz saw another wagon wheel somewhere around this fort. If you want to get to Battleon, you will bring it back to Gaz. If the brave hero gets killed, Gaz will be sure to sell the your boots at double price, to honor your sacrifice of course.


  • A Functioning Cart Wheel- 0/1


  • Gold coin : 4
  • Exp: 38

Final Dialogue:

Ah! You are not dead yet and you have the wheel! This will do nicely! Of course it will. Gaz thanks the hero... but more repairs are needed.

Given by: Gaz in Dragonwatch Keep

Previous in Quest Chain: N/A

Next in Quest Chain: Putting It All Together

Quest Help:

The wheel is located somewhere and you will NOT need to kill anything, but simply just walk a few steps left of Gaz in Dragonwatch Keep near the two Crawler and the Skeletal Invader, and simply click it.


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