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Quest Description:

Trolluk toenails have surprisingly magical properties. It seems that their might stems from their connection to the ground and their toenail clippings can grant magical strength when used correctly. They know this of course so they save their toenail clippings in bags. You should find some around this cave. Don't worry, they can grow more.


  • Trolluk Toenail Clippings - 0/7


  • 83 Gold coin
  • 821 Experience

Final Dialogue:

WOW! Sounds like a bag of sea shells rattling around in there. Well, I assume it does. I can't quite tell because I don't have any ears.

Given By: Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns

Previous in Quest Chain: Mouth Parts

Next in Quest Chain: That Special Fungus

Quest Help:


Trolluk Toenail Clipping bags are located in the Trolluk Camps west of Jimmy The Eye in Livingstone Caverns. In the camps you'll find bags, with shining particles animation around them. To collect the bags, simply go near them and left-click on them.

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