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Quest Description:

I'm afraid it won't be as simple as decimating his forces. I know that one of these skeletons is a courier sending a message to the rest of his forces throughout Doomwood. Try to intercept the courier and bring me his message.


  • Message From Sargoth - 0/1


  • Gold coin : 212
  • Exp: 2117

Final Dialogue:

Bring Sargoth's Message to Heath.

Given by: Heath's Ghost in Doomwood Tower

Previous in Quest Chain: Heavy Hitters

Next in Quest Chain: Plans Revealed

Quest Help:

Bridge Skeletons are located in masses around Doomwood Tower. Skeletons in Doomwood Forest and Grave Skeletons in Doomwood Graveyard won't work for the quest. To obtain the message, simply defeat Bridge Skeletons until one of them drops it. The message has a low drop rate.

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