Add your drop % testing numbers in a comment here, so others can add their numbers to yours.

If a monster drops multiple copies of an item (eg Slime lord drops 5x crusts), just count each time it drops them as 1 drop, not eg. 5.

Calculating Drop Rate

  1. To calculate the drop rate, first set a number of times you plan to kill the monster. Try for a minimum of 50 kills.
  2. Next, kill it that many times and keep track of how many times it did drop the item, and how many times it did not.
  3. Plug the numbers into a calculator like this (use the second line -- "X is what percent of Y?", where X is the number of times you got the drop, and Y is the total number of kills.
  4. Post your raw numbers (number of kills and drops) as a comment here so that we can add your numbers to those of other folks to get increasingly accurate drop rates. This is extra important if you have 50 or fewer kills.

Calculating Confidence Interval

Learning the stats behind it takes some basic knowledge, but this page explains things pretty clearly if you'd like to see how confidence intervals for proprortions work. Otherwise, let's just use a calculator. Your sample size is the total number of monsters you killed, and the observed proportion is the % of times you got the drop. We'll use a 95% confidence level (that's typical).

This confidence interval shows the possible variation that the actual drop rate could be within. As the sample size gets larger, this number should get smaller. This number will also get smaller as the drop rate becomes more extreme (gets closer to 1% or 100%). This number being small is a good thing, since it means we're more likely to have the correct drop rate.

Sample Table

Drops Kills %Rate CI


0 00 0% ±0.0
Thing1 00 00 0% ±0.0
Thing2 0 0 00%


Summed Data

King Sneed

Drops Kills %Rate CI
Brass Ring 33 100 33%


Shipping Label 23 100 23% ±8.25
Cardboard Gloves 4 50 8%



Drops Kills %Rate CI

The Great Grave Sword

3 50 6% ±6.58
Necromancer Hood 1 50 2% ±3.88


Drops Kills %Rate CI

Serpent Fighter Boots

3 100 3% ±3.34
Cracked Stone 21 100 21% ±7.98

Shadow Wolf Alpha

Drops Kills %Rate CI

Shadow Leather Boots

11 75 14.6% ±7.99
Bone Chip 9 75 12% ±7.35
Patch of Fur 10 75 13.3%


Shadow Wolf

Drops Kills %Rate CI

Darkest Night

2 100 2% ±2.74
Bone Chip 12 100 12% ±6.37
Patch of Fur 16 100 16%


Big Bones

Drops Kills %Rate CI

Ashen Plate Armor

2 100 2% ±2.74
Bone Chip 15 100 15% ±7.00
Torn Cloth 21 100 21%





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