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Quest description:

Welcome to the slimey sinkhole that lies beneath Yulgar's Inn. He wants to use it as a cellar for potatoes and aging casks of moglinberry juice but it's filled it's filled with slime monsters! Let's see if we can fix that. Why don't you kill 10 of the little Boggerlings!


  • Boogerling Killed - 0/10


  • Gold coin : 23
  • Exp: 460

Final Dialogue:

It's a start, but I have a feeling these things will just keep coming.

Given by: The Slime Lord's Pit

Next in Quest Chain: Cellar Door

Quest Help:

Boogerlings are found all over The Slime Lord's Pit. Pebblars in Livingstone Caverns won't work for the quest.

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