The AQ3D Wiki Event is a small group of users who create regular events for the AQ3D Wiki community. All events are aimed at everyone who wants to come - you do need to be an editor, have an account or be part of the clan chat to come to events.

If you have a suggestion for a future event, please click here to post your ideas. We will happily review your suggestions as soon as possible and try to incorporate them into a future event. If you have feedback or questions about an event, please post on the event's talk page. For general event feedback, please complete this short survey, or post here.

Events will be much more active during Open Beta and the Live release of AQ3D!

Events *Inactive Edit

Upcoming Events Edit

2016 Edit

  • March 9 - Staff Day 2! See the homepage.
  • March 2 - Staff Day! See the homepage announcement.

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