These are the ranks that our members and administrators have. This list WILL be updated, as of now these are the ranks. If you would like to know how to achieve these ranks, just message Legend.Edit

  • Founder - The creator of this wiki and the person you should always ask before making changes.
  • Admin Lead - Responsible for demoting any inactive Admins, Mods, etc.. Help keep the Wiki clean and help out new contributors. They can make any change to the Wiki.

  • Admin - Can make changes to pages, theme and overall can change everything in this wiki. (Cannot demote or rank up anyone)
  • Mod - Everything below and also help keeping the wiki clean and make sure there is no fighting...etc.
  • Helper - In charge of helping the Admins and following their requests. They also try to keep the wiki updated! (Can be ranked down if not active or not following orders.)
  • Contributor - Everyone starts at this rank!

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